Commercial Cleaning

No job is too big or small for our highly experienced Auckland commercial cleaners! We will develop a cleaning solution based on your requirements and provide cleaning services to the highest possible standard while ensuring the security of your premises.

Whether it’s a one-off clean, or if you’d prefer to arrange regular contract cleaning, our team at BrightSpot Cleaning are the experts. We are Auckland Commercial Cleaning Consultants and offer comprehensive commercial cleaning services throughout the Auckland region.

Window Cleaning

First impressions are lasting impressions! Clean, streak free windows will ensure your business makes the all important first impression a great one. Our window cleaners provide a thorough window cleaning service for single level businesses.

BrightSpot Cleaning offers commercial cleaning for small to medium sized businesses, including:

Cleaning Supplies

We take the hassle out of having to stock and restock your facilities and allow you to focus your attention on running your business. At BrightSpot, our consultants can even consolidate possibly several different services into one account. Something as insignificant as toilet paper or hand soap can become very significant if you run out.

BrightSpot Cleaning will consult with you on supplying and monitoring your cleaning supplies needs. We know that big savings can often be made by simply consolidating the supply of your cleaning products into one account and cutting out the need for your staff having to monitor, re-order, unpack and dispense stock of items such as paper towels, toilet rolls, soap and other items.


As well as incorporating modern professional cleaning standards, we can also equip your washroom facilities with specialist equipment to sanitise and deodorise your bathrooms to help ensure the health of your customers and staff.

Carpet Cleaning

Our carpet cleaning service will ensure that your carpets are clean, fresh and healthy. While regular vacuuming will keep your carpets looking clean, your vacuum cleaner cannot remove dirt, pollutants and dust mites that linger deep in your carpets.

We use the van-mount hot water extraction method for most of our jobs. Portatble machines of an equivalent standard are used in areas when van-mount cannot be operated. A professional carpet steam cleaning service will not only remove hidden dirt and pollutants, but will extend the life of your carpets.

If you are looking for an entire spring clean of your property, talk to our professional consultants about our upholstery cleaning and commercial cleaning services.

Carpet stain treatment

Has someone in your house recently had an accident with coffee, tea, chewing gum or wine? Any new stain on a carpet should be treated immediately, before the stain becomes permanent. Using only quality carpet cleaning equipment and supplies, our carpet cleaners can remove the stain so that it is near invisible, and doesn’t require a carpet patch.

Flea treatments for carpets

Have a flea problem in your home? Prevention is the key to ensuring that these pests don’t bother you or your animals anymore. You can treat your carpets for fleas soon after it has been steam cleaned.

Carpet flood recovery

Bathroom over-flooded? Having problems with a leaky home? Flooded areas with carpets should be treated and dried immediately to prevent permanent damage. Contact BrightSpot Cleaning immediately if you require flood damage recovery.

Soil Guard carpet protection

This is applied to new or clean carpets in order to give extra protection from soiling and to extend its life.

Soiling or stains are easily removed from carpets that have been protected.

Hard Floor

Ensure the floors in your residential or commercial property are clean, shiny and dirt free.

Our hard floor cleaning technicians can provide total hard floor care, including:

  • Strip and Polish
  • Machine scrub cleaning
  • Spray and buff clean

For the remainder of the property, you can have your carpets professionally cleaned with a deep steam carpet clean.

Body Corporate

BrightSpot Commercial Cleaning Consultants can help you find the best cleaning solution for your Body Corporate needs, from weekly cleaning of basic facilities, to daily cleaning of floors, toilets and common areas.

Our team of professional cleaners are police vetted for your security and trained to the highest level to ensure that we achieve the highest standard of service. We usually work outside office hours to minimise any disruption to your business and allow for maximum efficiency, however if you have any specific requirements (during working hours) we will can accomodate accordingly.

Pest Control

We offer need based solutions to your pest control problems using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices.

We do not compromise your safety or our service standards.

  • NZ qualified technicians, registered with Pest Management Association of NZ.
  • Free phone consultation
  • No obligation quotes
  • Highest service standards
  • Guaranteed results with minimum use of environment friendly chemicals and other non toxic methods

Odour Control / Air Fresheners

Pick from 4 delightful scents and call us to install our amazing wall-mounted air fresheners. They will automatically release the scent of your choice on a regular basis, to keep the pleasant aroma at all times, in a discreet and subtle way.

Regular servicing is every 8 weeks and you don’t have to worry about your Air Fresheners emptying up in the meanwhile, because the dispensers are large and packed with your favourite scent.

  • 4 Scents available
  • Automatic scent release
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Regular servicing

Hygiene Systems

Work smarter: We’ll service your bin You can rest assured your organisation’s sanitary waste will be disposed of safely and hygienically. Our sanitary bins include a disposal service that ensures you comply with all the necessary legislation. We’ll clean your bins on each visit and make sure you maintain consistent high standards within your washroom. The result is total comfort for the visitor, and total peace of mind for you.

Highly trained operatives thoroughly clean and sanitise your unit to the highest standard.

Discreet servicing is carried out on site (no need for sanitary bins to be carried through your premises. Servicing is carried out as standard to ensure you comply with legislation

  • Sanitary Bin
  • Air Freshner
  • Soap
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Toilet Seat Sanitizer
  • Sani Wipe